Happy Thanksgiving from Gulf Coast Makers!

isaacsteampunkAt Gulf Coast Makers, we’re very grateful for our wonderful creative community and share with you here, our Makers Grace.



The Makers Grace

For the company of family and friends,
For the nourishment of food for the body and
Thought for the mind, and
The gift of hands that can make,
For the growing creative community around us that empowers and frees and connects and
helps us Build
Through the power of our own collective skills, talents, curiosity, interest and passions
A better world for us all,
We are grateful.


Make it Awesome!

Happy Thanksgiving from your Friends at Gulf Coast Makers!

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Interested in GCMC 2016? Sign Up Early!

register earlyWe’re getting a super early start on Gulf Coast MakerCon 2016 planning, and have launched an Early Interest form for those who want to save the date and a spot at next year’s event.

We’ll formally launch our 2016 Call for Makers at the end of the year, at which time we’ll follow up with everyone who registered their early interest in participating.  Accepted early applicants will be given preferred venue placement and advanced email notices about event planning.

So save the date, sign up early, and Make On!

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In Memory of Misspent Summers

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. – from, Phrynette Married

A Guest Blog by Chuck Stephens

boys-with-bubbleRemember summer break? Those two months seemed to stretch out forever with endless possibilities and no obligations.

No pressure, no homework, no tests, no schedule and no teachers- it was a little taste of freedom after a long, hard school year. Summer break was a good analogy for life- it seemed unbelievably long in the middle of June but by the beginning of September it felt like it was over so quickly. Summer break was awesome!

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