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See our 2015 Gulf Coast MakerCon Sponsors!

Gulf Coast MakerCon is produced by Eureka Factory ™, a collaborative of creative individuals and business partners who believe in the power of community driven innovation to help people move from passive consumption to empowered and active creation of their future and ours. Eureka Factory also produces ROBOTICON Tampa Bay and other fine events and programs, and has a solid history of creating high quality, effective and engaging experiences for participants and guests.

Being a Gulf Coast MakerCon Sponsor is a great way to connect with thousands of individuals who, by profession and hobby, have interests in technology, science, invention and innovation. Sponsors have the opportunity to connect with our onsite and social networking audiences and bring these individuals back to their businesses. A range of opportunities are available, and we are happy to tailor something specific to meet your needs.

Our Market

MakerCon guests are hobbyists and professionals with an interest in technology, Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015 Sponsorship Opportunitieselectronics, gaming, DIY repair and handcraft, robotics, 3D printing and other “maker” type activities and projects. They enjoy learning about available tools, electronics and hobby supply, woodworking, metalsmithing, graphic arts, web development, and any related technologies or resources.

Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015 is a USA Science & Engineering Festival Satellite Event, and a National Robotics Week event, with FIRST K-12 robots and the National Robotics League Fighting Robot Competitions in multiple weight classes, a ComicCon and Tabletop Gaming area, Young Makers section, Rapid Prototyping, Heritage Crafts, Inventors Showcase, Makerspace Corner, Innovative Arts, Ham Radio and much more!

Sponsor button

Sponsorships had to be placed by March 31 for inclusion in our printed materials, but sponsorships past that date will be included on our website.

 Download our Sponsor info sheet and form here, or complete the form below for more information. Thank you!

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