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Meet the Robot Makers!

8 Mar

Robots are a big part of any maker event, and Gulf Coast MakerCon is no exception.  We’ll have a variety of robots on hand – bouncing balls, flinging frisbees, butlering and battling to the (near) death, a grand kick off for National Robotics Week, and just plain old fun for our 3rd Annual Celebration of the DIY Inventive  Spirit!

BAMThe USF Robotics Interest Group is hosting B.A.M.  – Battle at MakerCon – at GCMC.  The USF- Robotics Interest Group (RIG) focuses on sharing knowledge about designing and building robotic devices, promoting robotics at USF, and representing USF in robotics competitions. One of our major focuses is on combat robotics. Popularized by the TV show Battlebots, combat robotics involves a competition where two robots enter an enclosed arena, and fight for a set period of time or until one of the robots has been disabled. Through designing and working on these robots, students learn the principles of design, manufacturing, and programming. RIG will be hosting NRL (National Robotics League) 15 lb and under class fighting robotics competitions at Gulf Coast MakerCon, similar to the video.

Lego mindstorms nxt CNC-FräseThe Fun with Bots group will feature a variety of LEGO Mindstorms projects courtesy of the youth Lutz Robotics Club, who is also building a LEGO CNC lathe (who knew right?!)  that they’ll be fwblogodemonstrating.

And we’ll have a veritable army of FIRST robots, including FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition teams , with student built robots guests can learn about and drive, like the robots 

FIRST in FL logoyou’ll see in the video below from LI4E’s ROBOCON Tampa Bay event back in October.

So if you like robots, Gulf Coast Maker Con’s the place to be April 5th & 6th!

Advanced, discounted tickets are on sale now!

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Kick off National Robotics Week at Gulf Coast MakerCon Robotics Showcase!

11 Feb

NRW at GCMCWe’ll be helping kick off National Robotics Week with a Gulf Coast Makercon Robotics Showcase, front and center at  our 3rd Annual Celebration of DIY Inventive Spirit.

We’ll have K-12 FIRST robotics teams from around Tampa BayFIRST_vert.  With support from a comprehensive network of Fortune 500 corporations, educational and professional institutions, foundations, and individuals, FIRST provides more than $18 million in college scholarships for participating students. Programs include FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC® ) for students in Grades 9-12;FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC® ) for Grades 7-12;  FIRST® LEGO®League (FLL® ) for Grades 4-8; and Junior FIRST® LEGO®League (Jr.FLL®) for Grades K-3 and you’ll be able to see most, if not all, of these programs strutting their awesome robotic stuff at GCMC.

We’ll also be featuring 15 lb. and under fighting robots in   National Robotics League demo competitions, a combat robot program with a focus on manufacturing related careers. Organized by the University of South Florida Robotics Interest Group, we’ll have high school student competitions all day Saturday, April 5, and NRL exhibition NRLrobots throughout the weekend.

We’ll also have a variety of hobby and personal robotics projects and displays, and related mechatronics exhibits., and we’ve got room for more! If you’re interested in joining us with your robotics projects, complete our Maker Application and join in our National Robotics Week Celebration!



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