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Gulf Coast Makers is a creative community of innovative and enthusiastic DIYers, soft-edges-skullyinventors, repurposers, crafters, artists, and just about anyone that MAKES anything.  It’s a place where everyone can join together and share resource, learn a craft, hone their skills, participate in events and so much more.

Every spring, we hold Gulf Coast MakerCon, our annual community festival celebrating the DIY (Do It Yourself) Inventive Spirit!  Check out the Gulf Coast MakerCon tab above, our News section and our photo albums to see recent and past events.

Thanks to Electrathon of Tampa Bay and Post FX Digital for the great compilation video above!

Between events, we invite you to use these pages , our related social media,and our MeetUp opportunities to connect IMG_5009with other makers, share your events and programs, and learn about different creative opportunities and resources.

Together we can Make the Florida Gulf Coast Amazing, Personally Fulfilling and Economically Productive!


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