Meet the Maker: Tangible Labs

tangible labs photoOur collection of awesome Makers is wonderful and growing! This weekend, we’ll get to know Tangible Labs. Tangible Labs grew out of MityMo Creative, a creative services agency located in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. For over ten years, MityMo has provided print, mail, and web design and development services focusing on local small businesses, non-profits, and political campaigns.  Tangible Labs specializes in “making the world a more fun and interesting place through the use of micro-manufacturing machines and three dimensional printing technology. We believe in the real-world magic of dreaming an idea, and bringing that idea into reality by building it before your very eyes.

We checked in with Tangible Labs to learn a little more about them.

GCMC: What do you do?

TL: At Tangible Labs we provide 3D modeling and custom 3d print services for prototypes, customized and personalized items. We also started selling own own products called NerdTags.

GCMC: Why do you do it?

TL: We believe in the real-world magic of dreaming up an idea, and bringing that idea into a reality by building it right before your eyes.

GCMC: Why do you think it matters?

TL: 3D Printing technology allows anyone with an idea to make it a reality. Previously, rapid prototyping services could take months and $1000s of dollars. Now if you have an invention, you can design it and print it in the same day. The can really change manufacturing and engineering and hopefully make it more affordable for the average person and not just big corporations.

GCMC: How can others do it too?

TL: 3D printing is open source technology. It doesn’t take special training. Just the willingness to learn and explore new possibilities.

GCMC: Why should they want to?
The future is now.

 GCMC: What are you looking forward to at Gulf Coast MakerCon?

TL: We are looking forward to showing off the 3d printer to people who many have only read about it or seen videos online. It really is hard to explain to people, so having it printing as we explain the technology is a lot of fun. I love seeing their eyes light up and the excitement when they “get it!”

GCMC: What are maker fairs important?

TL: They are important because they give  people opportunities so see things in person they have only read about and it’s a chance to let them met and network with other like minded people. For kids it’s a great way to inspire them to work hard and try new things and to learn to not give up.

Come see Tangible Labs and more great exhibitors at Gulf Coast MakerCon April 5 & 6th!  Advanced ticket sales available now through April 4th at Eventbrite.


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