Meet the Makers: The Florida Artist Blacksmith Association

FABAWe are very happy to welcome the Florida Artist Blacksmiths Association (FABA) to Gulf Coast MakerCon 2014.  This amazing group of artists teaches and promotes learning the skills of the blacksmith, and employing those skills for a variety of work ranging from the purely functional to the purely aesthetic.

We asked Blacksmith artist, Kirk Sullens, who will be representing the organization along with several other artists from around the state, to tell us about FABA and what they’re bringing to Gulf Coast MakerCon.

“People become blacksmiths for as many reasons as there are blacksmiths,” Sullens said. ” A major factor for becoming a blacksmith is the satisfaction of learning to make projects entirely through your own skill.


Blacksmith Artist Kirk Sullens demonstrating his art.

“Being a blacksmith has value even in the modern age because it is a dynamic means of self expression as well as being extremely utilitarian. I like the mental challenge of working out which processes in what succession will be best to complete a project, as well as the physical challenge of actually applying those processes to raw materials and creating the project.”

FABA demonstrators will be bringing the basic equipment needed in a forge; hammer, anvil, and fire. Visitors will see bars of steel manipulated into a variety of forms, as well as seeing the demonstrators using tools made by themselves and other smiths. Demonstrators will discuss the basic processes of blacksmithing during the demonstrations, and tell the public how to get involved in the local and national blacksmithing community.

Come see what having a lot of irons in the fire really looks like!

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