Meet the Story Makers: Scott & Nick with F5Live: Refreshing Technology


Our third Tampa Bay maker festival is notable for many things, from being our first two day event, to the number and diversity of makers joining us this year, and for the refreshing presence of Scott Ertz and Nicholas DiMeo of F5 Live,  who will be broadcasting live from Gulf Coast MakerCon 2014 on Saturday.

We asked them to tell us about F5 Live, what they do and why they do it.

GCMC: So – what do you do?

F5 Live: Hosted by Scott Ertz and Nicholas DiMeo, F5 Live: Refreshing Technology is a livecast covering the worlds of gadgets,  gaming, Internet and media. Each weekly show airs live on Sunday nights at 9p eastern time at, allowing the audience to chat with the hosts live on the air and ask questions about the topics discussed on the show. After each episode goes off the air, the audio and video are then uploaded and are available for download through any number of services by Monday morning.

The crew also travels the country to cover special events and conventions from the International CES to ROBOCON Tampa Bay and

nick and scott

F5 Live broadcasting from the 16th Annual Orlando FRC Regional in March.

Gulf Coast MakerCon. Special shows air throughout the week of the events. F5 Live: Refreshing Technology is a proud member of the Tech Podcast Network and is part of the PLuGHiTz Live Family. For more information, inquiries or if you’d like to have F5 Live appear, cover or produce content at your event, please visit or reach out to

GCMC: Great plug! We highly recommend people contact you.  But – why do you do it?
F5 Live: Because sleep is overrated. Like many of the people and companies exhibiting at the convention, we believe that our time is best used in the creation of things that others enjoy. In other words, we enjoy spending out time with cool things and sharing those cool things with others.

GCMC: How are you participating in GCMC?
F5 Live: We will be broadcasting live from the convention, helping to show off the maker culture as well as the really interesting things that our local makers have created. Our goal is to give everyone at the event a chance to show off their wares.

GCMC: What do you hope to bring to GCMC?
F5Live: Attention; loud, obnoxious attention. Through the broadcast, we really hope to be able to expose the uninitiated to the truly unique world that is the maker culture. Lots of people have passions that they don’t know can be fulfilled, and seeing others doing it might encourage them to try.

GCMC: What do you hope to take away from Gulf Coast MakerCon?
Someone’s 3D printer. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Okay – so watch your stuff if Nick and Scott come by, and watch F5 Live – you’ll find it refreshing!  Look for Scott and Nick at Gulf Coast Maker Con all day Saturday, as they help us tell the Maker Story in Tampa Bay!


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