Meet the Maker: Pam French, Creator of Pami Pocket

Headshot pamela_french_2-212x300Pam French joined us at Gulf Coast MakerCon last year, and was a big help promoting Gulf Coast MakerCon during the Florida State Fair in February. Pam is a Tampa native, wife and mother of four boys from ages 17 to 27, and she’s the creator of Pami Pocket , as well as Vice President of the Tampa Bay Inventors Council. We asked Pam to tell us more about her work.

GCMC: What do you make?

PF: I created a little cell phone purse called a “Pami Pocket”.

GCMC: Why did you make it?

PF: I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was in my 40’s, but realized right away that thisPamiPocket was something I had to have on-me all the time. But many times I didn’t have pockets in what I was wearing so I really had no place to hold it.

I got the idea from a little change purse on a string Photoshoot Tiffany 415that I bought at a yard sale for a quarter years before. The little change purse fit my phone perfectly, which at the time was pretty small. I could wear it across my body and have my phone on me anytime, even if I was wearing something with no pockets, like a swimsuit or most of my comfy shorts. .

For a couple of years I looked for something similar in stores with no luck and when I got a bigger phone, I had my husband sew up a little pouch for me because by then, I couldn’t live without it. (And he is an upholsterer, he can sew anything).

GCMC: Why do you think what you make is important or useful?

PF: After I started wearing my new little pouch, I eliminated looking for my cell phone 15 times a day, I stopped missing important calls and texts, and I never mistakenly left the house without it.

But it wasn’t until my mom had a bad fall while we were walking at the park, that I realized how important, having a phone “on you” all the time, is.

We didn’t have pockets in our shorts so she didn’t have her phone, but I had mine in my little pouch. I was able to call for help right away and my husband was able to pick us up.

Now that I’ve had my product on the market, I’m told by many women how much they love it and use it everyday, not just when walking. They use it for everything from sporting events to dinner parties. It can be used by the elderly or the young. For safety or for fun. Anytime, anywhere you want to have your phone “on you”, the Pami Pocket is perfect.

GCMC: What are you bringing to Gulf Coast MakerCon?

PF: I will have my Pami Pockets available this year at Maker Con, all 50+ designs. We are sure to have something for everyone. At our booth, we’ll have our Plain and Paw-Print Pami Pockets available to add your own colors with a Sharpie! You can be the maker of your own design!

GCMC: Why do you think Gulf Coast MakerCon is important?

PF: The maker con has something for everyone, it’ll spark your imagination, and who knows, maybe next year you’ll be a maker too!

Making stuff is the ultimate way to put your footprint down today!


We couldn’t agree more! Come make your footprint, and design your own PamiPocket, at Gulf Coast MakerCon on April 18th!

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