Meet the Makers: Palm Harbor Library

Hazel Incantalupo spacePalm Harbor Library is home to the Hazel Incantalupe Makerspace, a unique arts space for children.  We asked Kiki Durney, Head of Youth Services at the Library, to tell us more about their efforts there.

GCMC: Who are you and what do you make?

KD: We are the children of Palm Harbor, Pinellas County, and beyond. We do not require a library card to enter our MakerSpace so we’ve had makers from across the county!

GCMC: Why do you make it?

KD: Our Makers make it because they love learning through art! They make anything and everything that comes into their heads. This MakerSpace is a bastion of freedom and unbridled creativity. There is no right or wrong in this space, just successes and try-agains. The beauty of this space is that children are allowed and encouraged to learn through experimentation.

GCMC: Why do you think what you’re doing is important?palm harbor makerspace art

KD: Fostering creativity and learning through art is reason enough, but it also fulfills a community need. The results of a local elementary school’s parent survey indicated that parents felt there wasn’t enough art included in the curriculum and they were unhappy that their children were using iPads in art class instead of actual art/craft materials. Our MakerSpace is the perfect zero-cost option for parents to create a well-rounded education outside of the classroom. Moreover, our space provides a much needed outlet for children of low income families that do not have the means to allow for the enjoyment or experimentation through art.

GCMC: What are you bringing to Gulf Coast MakerCon?

KD: We are bringing a few samples of the materials we provide, information about the creation/implementation/maintenance of our MakerSpace, as well at goody bags filled with fun supplies for the first 100 people to take home!

GCMC: Will folks be able to do anything at your booth?

KD: Yes!


Come to Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015 on April 18th to find out what you can do at the Palm Harbor Library booth, and at the Palm Harbor Library!

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