Meet the Maker: Rosanne Clementi, Inventor of Pad Go Round

PO#12 Final Logo Pad Go RoundInvention is at the heart of Making, and we’ll have several inventors exhibiting their products at Gulf Coast MakerCon this year.  One of our Inventors Showcase exhibitors this year is Rosanne Clementi, who created the Pad Go Round.  It’s a nifty device that we’ve asked her to tell us more about.

GCMC: Who are and what do you make?

RC: I’m Rosanne Clementi, President of Ruddy Turnstone Product Development Inc. and PGRdeveloper of the Pad Go Round, a tablet holder that puts 2 to 4 ergonomic handles on electronic tablets.

GCMC: Why did you make it?

RC: To solve everyday problems for people with special needs. Electronic tablets are hard to hold if you have arthritis or small hands. I was reading long hours on my Kindle and iPad Mini and my hands would ache and I fidgeted a lot to change hands.


GCMC: Why do you think your creation is important or useful?

RC:  It helps solve problems of discomfort to allow people access to technology. There are many people with arthritis, small hands or limited use of their hands. The Pad Go Round helps make electronic tablets physically more accessible.

GCMC: What are you bringing to Gulf Coast MakerCon?

RC: The evolution of the process to design the Pad Go Round and the final prototypes.

GCMC: Will folks be able to do anything at your booth?

RC: See the design process of the Pad Go Round and see all of the attributes of this unique tablet holder.

GCMC: Why should folks come out to a maker festival?

RC: To see that they too are capable of bringing a product from thought to concept to development.

GCMC: What’s so great about making stuff?

RC: Finding solutions for everyday problems.


Come meet Rosanne, check out the Pad Go Round and learn how she took her idea from concept to product, at Gulf Coast MakerCon on April 18th!

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