Meet the Makers: Two Fairies and a Dwarf

2 fairies and dwarfWe’ve got some great hand crafters at Gulf Coast MakerCon this year, among them, Two Fairies and a Dwarf, specializing in handmade leather and yarn goods.  They tell us a little bit more about their work here.

GCMC: Who are you and what do you Make?celtic barette

TF&D: We are Two Fairies and A Dwarf: Candy Neuburger and Jackie Roberts and Henry Neuburger.  We make costuming leather pieces such as bracers, quivers, bags of all sizes, journals, holders for you mugs and drinking horns.  We make crocheted hats and sew tote bags.

 crochet viking helmetGCMC:  Why do you make it?

TF&D: We got tired of paying someone else to make our costumes and looked into how to do it ourselves.  We also got tired of the extravagant, over priced items that passed as quality work.  We try to keep our prices reasonable.

 GCMC: Will folks be able to do anything at your leather notebook coversbooth?

TF&D: Folks can come by and smell the rich scent of leather.  Let’s face it, we all LOVE the smell of leather.


This is true.  Stop at smell the leather at the Two Fairies and a Dwarf booth at Gulf Coast MakerCon and check out all our great exhibitors on April 18th!

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