Meet the Maker: Tal Millican, of Multi-Tork Pool Tools

MultitorkNecessity is the mother of invention, they say, and Tal Millican’s story is the perfect example. He’ll be showing and selling his creation, Multi-Tork® clamp sockets, at Gulf Coast MakerCon on April 18th, and if you’re a pool owner, or work in the pool and spa industry, you’ll appreciate his experience and his products.  He tells us more about his work here and what he’ll be bringing to our event.

“I started my pool service in 1994 and right away became frustrated with the tedious repetition of manually loosening and tightening of filter clamp knobs. It took 12 years, but I finally discovered a better way and introduced Multi-Tork® clamp sockets to the industry at the 2007 Florida Pool and Spa Expo in Orlando. They were warmly received Tal Millican picand have steadily gained in popularity over the years as more and more pool technicians and pool owners alike discover how much safer and faster the work is with my products.

“My partner, Mark Schreiber, has invented the most effective and efficient cartridge filter cleaning tool I used in 20 years of servicing  pools. Aqua-Comb® is not only a faster and easier method of cleaning pool filters, it saves a tremendous amount of water because of its design.  At our MakerCon table, visitors will see live demos and experience a hands-on experience with all products.

“All of our pool tools are addressing a need to enhance the efficiency and minimize the time spent by both pool owners and pool techs maintaining pool equipment.”


We’re looking forward to seeing the Multi-Tork and Aqua-Comb in action at Gulf Coast MakerCon, and happy to be able to showcase locally developed innovative products like Tal and Mark are sharing.

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