Meet the Makers: Electrathon of Tampa Bay

Electrathon flyerWe’re delighted to have Electrathon of Tampa Bay joining us again this year, this time with a full race event starting at 2pm.  Fredi Beck, with Hillsborough County Schools, who is the Public Relations Director and Treasurer for Electrathon of Tampa Bay, told us more about the program and the event.


electrathon racers

An Electrathon racer at Gulf Coast MakerCon 2014

Electrathon of Tampa Bay is the umbrella organization for electric car clubs from the Tampa Bay area. We are a mentoring partnership of contractors, educators, engineers, community members, and I.T. professionals. Our partnership is open to any interested parties.

We provide consulting services, guidance, online project management and blogging tools, and other resources to local technical colleges and high school electric car clubs seeking to build and compete in Electrathon Racing. We assist the club sponsors and club members free of charge to get their programs up and running both technically and logistically. We supply the logistical support for all local races, including the setup, cleanup, scoring and awards. We also publicize and market our program through community partnerships such as FLATE, Gulf Coast MakerCon, Hillsborough County Public Schools and others.

Electrathon courseAn electrathon car is a custom built three-or-four-wheeled electric vehicle, somewhat similar in overall appearance to a go-kart, but powered by an electric motor and batteries.

The basic format is to determine which car can travel the furthest distance in one hour’s time within the limitations of battery weight and other factors. Our postsecondary and high school students design, build and drive their cars. We also have adult enthusiasts who participate in the races in their own class.

Students are actively exposed to a wide variety of knowledge and skills that are encompassed by the design, construction and operation of an Electrathon car. These include the following academic theories with real-world applied skills

  • Electronics, Electricity and Electromechanics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • AutoCad and Machine Design
  • Planning , Organization and Project Management
  • Construction and Assembly Techniques
  • Teamwork and Communication
  • Aerodynamics, Aesthetics, Ergonomics
  • Environmental Sciences

The relatively low cost of  electrathon racing has made the sport a popular activity for many colleges and technical schools although it has achieved its largest participation among high school age students world-wide. Our rules and by-laws are proscribed by Electrathon America.


There will be about a dozen teams from around the state competing at the Gulf Coast MakerCon Electrathon race, where you can have a trackside look at these great electric race cars and the students who design and build them!  Get your Advanced tickets today and save $2 off the gate costs.

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