Meet the Re-Maker: Tony Selvaggio, of Scrap On Spot

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” – Joel A. Barker

Tony SelvaggioOne of our neatest – literally – new partnerships this year is with Tony Selvaggio and his e-waste recycling company, Scrap on Spot.  Tony is heading up our Deconstruction Zone this year, and sharing both technical  and environmental education at Gulf Coast MakerCon.

Thanks to Tony, Gulf Coast MakerCon will also function as an e-waste collection site during the event, helping close the loop between the technology we use and how we dispose of it.

We asked Tony to tell us more about Scrap On Spot, and the passionate social entrepreneurship vision that makes his company unique.


eSmart Recycling is a Scrap On Spot Co. We provide end of life computer and electronic recycling and also provide IT asset disposition services. What makes us stand from the restFree e-recycling is the community outreach and sustainability approach of the business, to teach about the importance of properly disposing your electronics while making it accessible to everybody and keeping your personal data secure.

One of our goals is to change people´s mindset about electronic waste. Innovation is key to meeting expanding human needs within planetary limits. We want to start from the beginning with a tech-minded drive, connect with sustainability practitioners and community leaders and to partner up with social entrepreneurs creating innovation platforms.

Our mission statement: To create good stewards of the earth by recycling and re-purposing electronics.

We have the pleasure and amazing opportunity this year to partner up with the creative Deconstruction Zone MakerCon flyerminds of Eureka! Factory (producers of Gulf Coast MakerCon) who in a very short period of time have become friends and supporters of our mission and our vision.

This year we are hosting the Kids De-Construction Zone as part of the Gulf Coast MakerCon. We are firm believers in the power of invention by going to basics. To make something new, sometimes a good approach is to look inside what has already been made and let your imagination fly.

We hope this will give kids an opportunity to take a close and personal look inside our everyday electronics and actually take a sneak peak of what’s inside a computer, a printer, a game console… what really goes inside these amazing electronics that make our life so easy!.

Come joins us this April 18th on the Florida State Fairgrounds and be a part of this amazing Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015!


So here’s your chance to not only dispose of your electronics (anything with a plug or batter – but no TVs or monitors please!) in a safe and responsible manner, but also to see what’s inside them!

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