Meet the Maker: Laura Drysdale, of Keep ’em Komfy

Keep em Komfey

Gulf Coast MakerCon provides a great platform for people to showcase their homemade solutions to everyday challenges. Sometimes those solutions become the basis for new businesses and revenue streams. Keep ’em Komfy is one of those solutions to a common problem – especially in Florida! – that’s turned into a business for inventor Laura Drysdale.   Check out how she developed her hydration pouch, and come out to Gulf Coast MakerCon to try it out!


My Husband worked as a ground keeper for a  funeral home. He would over heat all the time. One day he ended up passing out  in the grave he was digging because of the heat. We tried everything out there you can get, and nothing would work for long.

Most (products) hydrated you and  the rest was only for cooling you down. So after weeks of looking I decided to make something myself. I started with just ice in a towel with rubber bands on the ends, but it kept falling off his neck. Then I came up with a small pouch with an IV bag, with ice in it. It worked but leaked. So, I looked for a bladder bag & came across Army food grade bladder bags. Then, I thought of what fabric to get and fleece came to mind- soft, flexible & washable.

Keep ‘em Komfy can be used to heat or cool your body as well as hydrate yourself. Place ice and favorite cold drink in the bladder bag and it will cool you down and hydrate for up to 4½ hours. Or place hot coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate in it and it will warm your body up for up to 3½ hours depending on the temperature outside.

Keep ‘em Komfy allows the wearer to be hands free. No longer losing your drink! No more spilling your drink!  It’s great for anyone, any activity even everyday life. It was been tested for two years now in 99 degree Florida heat, 20 below zero cold in Colorado winter, and 125 foot under water scuba diving.

We are patent pending and hoping to real get our product out there. Keep ‘em Komfy is light weight, easy to use and easy to store. Never heat it, never freeze it, just fill and go. A side pocket holds your phone, keys, etc.


You can try out Keep ’em Komfy and test it for yourself, and meet the inventor, at Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015!

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