Meet the Maker: FreeFab 3D

FreeFabFreeFab 3D makes 3D printers, but more than that, FreeFab 3D helps build the Maker community in St. Petersburg and in Tampa Bay.   Run by Mo Eppley, of Mity Mo Creative, which is a Gulf Coast MakerCon event partner, responsible for our wonderful graphics and promotional media, and her own team of creative partners, FreeFab 3D has gained a following as a high quality producer of locally made 3D printers.  We asked FreeFab 3D to tell us a bit about themselves and what they’re bringing to Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015.


GCMC: Tell us about who you are and what you make.

FF3D:  FreeFab 3D is a team of friends who have come together to design and build 3D printers.

GCMC: Why do you do it?

FF3D: We have a passion for making stuff. Everyone on the team comes from a technical or engineering background in some form or another. Open source 3D printing is a great way to let our inner nerd loose. We purchased a couple of popular models early on and soon decided that we could do better.

GCMC: What got you interested in 3D Printing?

Mo Eppley

Mo Eppley at a recent photo shoot for a Tampa Tribune article about Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015.

FF3D: The interest initially came from Mo and Lance Eppley purchasing a 3D printer and starting Tangible Labs. It grew rapidly from there. Through Lance’s beer-based networking the interest quickly spread to Fri (who was already 3D Printing at home), Brandon, and Joel.

GCMC: 3D Printing is everywhere these days – what makes you different?

FF3D: Each of the founders of FreeFab 3D brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge with them, particularly from the printing industry. Between us, we have a number of years working in engineering, electronics, software development, product design, and marketing – this, and the passion we have for making stuff – makes us a great team. Also unlike a lot of printing companies, we really want to focus on selling to local businesses and organizations, and offer better service – both during and after sale. We’re really big on the whole local movement; making, crafting, hacking, small manufacturing; and see this as a way to encourage and support local businesses and schools.

FreeFab 3D at GCMC 2014

FreeFab 3D at GCMC 2014

GCMC: What are you looking forward to at Gulf Coast MakerCon?

FF3D: We love attending Maker events, it’s great to meet people who share an interest in making and building things. The fact that it’s in Tampa Bay, where we’re based, makes it pretty important to us. Of course we love to show off our cool stuff, but this is really an excuse to wander around and see everyone else’s cooler stuff.

GCMC: What do you hope to show or teach folks?

Chuck 3

FreeFab 3D printer making a copy of the Eureka Factory’s Bocatron scan.

FF3D: Primarily, to teach everyone that 3D printing isn’t nearly as hard or scary as it may initially appear. It’s great way to quickly prototype and bring into being the crazy ideas we all have every day.  Secondly, to show off. This year we’ll have both our flagship, the Monolith, and our new design, the Eight-3. Proximity sensors! How cool is that?

GCMC: What do you hope to get from the event?

FF3D: We’re excited to meet fellow makers and demonstrate our printers in action. Anyone who is even remotely interested in 3D Printing should stop by, take a look and ask questions – we’re ready and waiting. This is something we are passionate about and love doing, and we’ll talk all day about it.

GCMC: Anything else you’d like to add?

FF3D: Come stop by our booth, see our 3D printer in action and meet the team – we’re offering a 10% discount on any orders placed at the show.


Meet Mo and the other fine folks from FreeFab 3D, and check out the latest in 3D printing technology, made right here in Tampa Bay, at Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015 on April 18th! Advanced ticket sales run through April 17th, and are $2 off gate admission costs. Join us and Make Your Day!

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