Meet the Maker: Brian Johnson, of Johnson Arms

Brian Johnson TBMM 2012

Brian Johnson visiting Tampa Bay Mini Maker Faire 2013

Johnson arms pic

Brian Johnson at work

We first met Brian Johnson as a cheerful guest walking around our first Maker festival, Tampa Bay Mini Maker Faire, in 2012 carrying one of his awesome cosplay replicas, and enjoying the day.  We even snapped a pic (at left).  Last year, Brian joined us as a Maker, displaying his Johnson Arms (est. 2076) props  to an appreciative crowd.  He tells us a bit more about his work here, and what he’s bringing to Gulf Coast MakerCon this year.


GCMC: Who are and what do you make?

Johnson Arms at GCMC 2014

Brian Johnson at Gulf Coast MakerCon 2014

BJ: I’m Brian Johnson of Johnson Arms Replicas and Props. My full-time job is making custom props for films, video games and cosplay.

GCMC: Why do you make it?

BJ:  I enjoy bringing virtual things to life through 3D printing and fabrication

GCMC: What are you bringing to Gulf Coast MakerCon?

BJ helmetsBJ: I’ll have examples of all the props and replicas that I make and paint

GCMC: Why should folks come out to a maker festival?

BJ: You’re going to learn a lot of neat stuff and it helps toBJ replicas fuel your own imagination!

GCMC: What’s so great about making stuff?

BJ: You can take a lot of pride in putting your hard work into something that never existed before you made it. I always love seeing an idea come to life!


Okay, so Brian’s a man of few words, and he’s really busy. (Honestly, how cool is to be super busy earning your living making custom props?!)But his work speaks for itself, and the details are amazing.  You can see Brian’s work, up close and personal, and buy some of his custom props to have for your very own, at Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015, on April 18th at the Florida Fairgrounds!

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Advanced tickets are 20% off gate admission through April 17th!


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