Meet the Maker: Minda Cameron, Creator of Flap Top Comforter

Gulf Coast MakerCon will feature a lot of tech related Makers and exhibitors, but we also have a big complement of crafters, who are equally the Makers we celebrate when we talk about the DIY Inventive Spirit.  “Inventive” doesn’t automatically equate to technological innovation.   Makers can be inventive with a variety of raw materials, arts and textiles, and developing simple and elegant solutions to everyday challenges is as valuable as a new app or gadget.   Minda Cameron is one of those Makers whose creation, the Flap Top Comforter provides one of those elegant solutions.


GCMC: Tell us a little about yourself.

MC: My name is Minda Cameron from the Tampa Bay Area.  Am a retired flight attendant
with Pan American Airways, and still a member of World Wings International.

GCMC: What have you made?

MC: The name of my product is “Flap Top Comforter”.  Having been a housemaker for my husband and 2 grown children, I saw that shams and decorative throws had no use at all, except to be thrown out of the bed when one is ready to go to bed.

My comforter replaces this  clutter on top of the bed with a decorative flap. A design feature of a pocket can tuck in toys for kids, as an incentive to make their beds, and for adults, they can tuck in love notes or flowers for loved ones, etc.

GCMC: What are you bringing to Gulf Coast MakerCon?

MC: Folks can try making bed with my mini-prototype, and prove for themselves that my product is a better alternative to the standard comforter.

GCMC: What should people come out to a maker festival?

MC: Folks should come out to the maker festival because this is a chance to meet people of all ages, creeds, gender etc. that try to make this a better world.


Minda is spot on about the value of a maker festival, and we’re so glad she’s part of Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015, bringing the message that innovation and inspiration come in all sizes, shapes and solutions!  Come meet Minda at Gulf Coast MakerCon and see how she’s made something as routine as making the bed, better!

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