Meet the Maker: Tobusto

TobustoWhen the Art of making meets the intellectual world of STEM, we can hardly contain our excitement.  This next maker is doing it all, looking towards the future and moving forward, full STEAM ahead.

Tobust at GCMC 2015

Tobusto at Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015

Tobusto, LLC, a twin sister owned company of degreed women STEM professionals in Mechanical Engineering and Information Systems with work experience at Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, consulting, and educational institutions.  Renae and Rhonda Mintz are passionate about exciting the future generations using fun STEAM curriculum and products to solve real world problems.

Their primary focus is to take their STEAM experiences in engineering programs and musical experiences as youth participants to help engage the future generations. These experiences were instrumental in selecting a STEM career. STEAM is and can be fun and fulfilling in life and as a career choice.

“Many us of do not realize that STEAM principles are used in our everyday lives such as measuring while cooking, playing a musical instrument, listening to music, mowing grass, playing sports, changing a tire, powering a city with a clean energy source, et cetera,” says Renae Mintz. “The challenges that our world now and will face will require collaborative innovation solutions to solve them. Together we can change the world.”

Make sure to check out their booth to help them solve some  real-world problems.  Collaboratively tinkering together at Gulf Coast MakerCon might just spark ideas to build the first time machine or another cutting edge invention.

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