Meet the Makers: Night Heron Productions Dr. Who’s Wars Mashup Laser Tag

lasertagAnother new exhibitor this year is Night Heron Productions, bringing their cosplay laser tag experience to Gulf Coast MakerCon 2016.

Cosplay. Laser tag.  What’s not to love?! Not only that – they build all their own props and costumes.

We asked co-owner  Dawn Grabowski to tell us more about Night Heron Productions and Dr. Who’s Wars Mashup Laser Tag.

GCMC: What do you make?

DG: We make dreams or nightmares come to reality by providing a laser tag experience that can range from a basic group on group team play to an immersive experience that includes themed props and themed costumed actors. It all depends on our patrons’ imaginations and of course their budget.

GCMC: What got you interested in making it?


Night Heron actors at the 2015 Dr. Who Convention , by their custom made full sized Tardis, detailed inside and out.

DG: We began with wanting to do a haunted house themed business and then decided that laser tag could go mobile and we could still provide a haunted house or any other theme that would make the laser tag experience even better than the typical experience you get from brick and mortar businesses or even the other mobile laser tag businesses. We wanted to do something different by including the possibility of having props and costumed actors.

GCMC : What’s unique about what you do?


Cityscape fabricated with foam and ply wood and hand painted.

DG: We build props that can be themed in any way that is desired. We can make costumes and provide actors to wear the costumes and incorporated a totally immersive experience that other laser tag companies do not.

GCMC: What will you be showing and doing at Gulf Coast MakerCon?

DG: We will provide an arena that will have some Star War themed characters who will be interacting with the convention participants while they get to play laser tag ($7/person). We will provide a scenario that is not just your
basic deathmatch or team on team experience.

GCMC: What will guests be able to do at your exhibit?

DG: Play laser tag and if they want to purchase any of our handmade costumes and other items that we will have at the convention for sale they can do so.


Want to enjoy some cosplay mashup laser tag? Then check out Night Heron Productions laser tag experience at Gulf Coast MakerCon 2016!

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