Meet the Makers: Sir Bentley Freckles & Assoc

Brand new to the exhibit scene is Barbara Sapp Lancaster with Sir Bentley Freckles & Associates.  Barbara (aka:  The Dali Baba) takes her love and appreciation of musical instruments, along with her passion for art and combines it all into treasures that are truly one of a kind.

Barbara creates her pieces using assorted materials to decorate objects that she finds interesting.  She finds it amusing, therapeutic  and very fulfilling to make something fun and unique out of  ordinary items such as beads, paper, glue and recycled items.

“I love art and cannot even draw a stick figure,” she says. ” I like being creative and making something that will last, be interesting, unique and colorful.”

Her artwork appeals to those out there that like something cute, a little quirky and different.  Lately, she has been fascinated with Steampunk and is looking forward to showcasing her latest designs.

Barbara gets her inspiration from her surroundings and those around her.  Ideas flow from seeing pictures, objects and from meeting new people.  She is very excited to be part of her first GCMC and looks forward to seeing all of the other exhibits.  She thinks the idea of MakerCon is perfect because it allows people who love to create, have a platform to showcase their work, get feedback and learn something new.


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