Meet the Maker: Marcus Torres Art

Gulf Coast MakerCon welcomes talented artist, Marcus Torres, to his first Con.

By mixing techniques such as charcoal, colored pencils, water colors and acrylic paints, Marc’s artwork comes to life right off the page.  His portraits are so much more than a simple profile.  They capture the emotion and essence of the subject. Marc believes that the artwork that he creates is relatable to his audience.  He is influenced by the human condition and his more personal pieces reflect the extreme side of emotion. “I try to capture the vulnerability of the subject of my pieces and I believe that this is what people are drawn to the most.”

Another aspect of his growing portfolio is Fan Art.  Whether it’s a cute and whimsical cartoon character, or a detailed and imaginative action hero, his Fan Art exhibits his true love of comics, movies and anime. He is able to take the pure enjoyment he gets out of these mediums and relate them directly into fantastic renditions for others to enjoy. He is also venturing out and creating his own original characters, as well as contributing his artwork to other artists to use within their own mediums.

As Marc is getting his name out there and developing an increasing fan base of his own, he is excited to enter into the world of Cons & Fairs to be able to exhibit his unique take on the art of illustration.  He’s looking forward to GCMC as he feels it gives individuals an outlet to be creative in a safe environment, with like-minded people. “We can all benefit from encouragement and the inspiration we give each other.”

Check out Marc’s artwork on Instagram @Marcustorresart13 and stop by his booth at Gulf Coast MakerCon.



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