Meet the Maker: Gene Goad, with the Modular Grab Bar

Modular Grab barsAnother new maker this year is Mr. Gene Goad, and inventor bringing an elegant and attractive solution to a utilitarian problem.

The proud holder of Utility Patent # 7,967,522 B2, Design Patent # D626,405 S, and Continuation in Part #8,342771 B2 for a Modular Grab Bar System,  Goad’s System uses tubes and molded plastic fittings, which push together like Tinker Toys, to create Grab Bars in any size or configuration.

It allows retailers to offer the widest possible variety of product with a minimum of inventory and display space, he says.   “Because the components are modular, new materials can be used to create beautiful new designs competitors can’t match. In addition to polished stainless, tubes may be nylon or rubber coated in a variety of colors. The fittings may be molded in solid colors, plated or molded from materials that have the appearance of granite, marble, onyx Corian, etc.”

In short, he’s got some super grab bars here, that provide some nice design options for anf194bab1-cc94-4877-a86b-a33336985c15  often necessary device, but otherwise utilitarian and sterile looking device.  The Modular Grab Bar System, Goad says, is also:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Tamper proof and
  • Cost efficient

But they’re just grab bars, you say.  Goad will tell you that industry specialists say grab bars are a $50,000,000 a year industry that will only grow as baby boomers age.  That’s why he’s coming to Gulf Coast MakerCon to show off his Modular Grab Bar System in the hopes of finding a manufacturer to grant an exclusive license to, to produce his grab bars.

You can meet Gene Goad and check out his Grab Bar System in the Inventors Showcase, at Gulf Coast MakerCon on April 9.

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