Introducing the Gulf Coast MakerCon Costume Plank Walk!

GCMC Costume Plank WalkIn celebration of our 5th Maker Festival Birthday, we bring you the first ever

Gulf Coast MakerCon Costume Plank Walk!

Why a “Plank Walk”?  Because we’rstickere Makers and we Made it Up.  Also, our mascot Skully is a Maker Pirate and Plank Walk just sounds way cooler and more fun than a “catwalk” or “runway”costume show.

Anyway, here’s how it works:

  • You can sign up to participate in the Costume Plank Walk at the event, at a designated area, on April 9, until noon.
  • Enter in one of two categories: Steampunk or Maker Mashup (everything else!)
  • Costumes must be at least 75% homemade.  Tights and a store bought super hero cape or costume won’t cut it.  The more unique, handmade, custom elements in your costume, the better!  There are no separate age categories – all Makers are equal here!
  • Be Creative, but please remember Gulf Coast MakerCon is a family friendly event, and dress up accordingly. We’re not prudes,but we reserve the right to refuse any costume entries for reasons ranging from social inappropriateness to safety issues. Thanks for your understanding and for participating in the spirit of the event, which is a celebration of fun and creativity.
  • The Plank Walk starts at 3pm. Each contestant has 30 sec.  to strut their stuff.

We’ll recognize the most creative costume in each category, but this is mostly about having fun and showing your Maker Awesomeness.

So start crafting, and see you on the Plank Walk!

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