Meet the Young Makers of Palm Harbor Library

c0fb27_c0fe6766304b4fa4a682fa9d0b3ad93fPalm Harbor Library is home to the Hazel Incantalupe Makerspace, an art space just for children.  Youth Services Director, Kiki Durney, told us a bit more about the Makerspace and what the great Young Makers of Palm Harbor Library are bringing to Gulf Coast MakerCon this year.

GCMC: Tell us what you make at the Palm Harbor Library makerspace.

KD:  The children of Palm Harbor and beyond make anything and everything with the variety of crafting materials provided in our MakerSpace.

GCMC: Why is the space important to them?

KD: It gives them a place to express their creativity!

GCMC: Why do you think Gulf Coast MakerCon is a good place to show what you do?

KD: It helps us show that a MakerSpace can be more than 3D printers and technology. Our MakerSpace serves children ages 5-12. We do not require a library card, so anyone and everyone age eligible that comes to the library is welcome to explore and enjoy our MakerSpace.

You can see Palm Harbor Library’s Hazle Incantalupo Makerspace in action at Gulf Coast MakerCon 2016!

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