Meet the Maker: Tobi Weisbond, of Unique Rabbit

Unique RabbitReturning to Gulf Coast MakerCon this year, is Tobi Weisbond, of Unique Rabbit.

Tobi is a local artist living in New Port Richey with her husband. Her love affair with the visual arts began 60+ years ago in the basement studio of her Aunt. Over her lifetime she has worked with various media, including beaded jewelry, egg art and handmade paper.

About 20 years ago Tobi turned her focus to “all things paper”, developing her craft to 6b8cf67a-7804-4bd7-86f7-a41b6899bc01include various methods of working with both handmade and commercial paper. In addition, Tobi created and taught a curriculum for Elementary School children called “Playing With Paper”.

Four years ago an old flame was rekindled… Tobi began designing and creating33e8fbd5-8d68-4145-8ce9-7d04d53670a0 one of a kind necklaces, bracelets & earrings using glass and/or wooden beads & semi-precious stones. A trip out West resulted in the discovery of porcupine quills and their association with Native American crafts. Much of Unique Rabbit inspiration is derived from Native American cultures.

Last year, another trip out West resulted in the discovery of Macaw feathers which are now a part of Unique Rabbit’s unique offerings. Most recently the Rabbit has begun making macramé chokers using interesting stones, feathers and quills as pendants.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to showcase our art alongside of makers of all kinds,” says Tobi.

And we’re excited to have Tobi sharing her Unique Rabbit craft at Gulf Coast MakerCon 2016!

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