Meet the Young Makers of Berkeley Preparatory Academy

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Preparatory Academy join us at Gulf Coast MakerCon as Young Entrepreneurs, too. Lower Division Technology/MakerSpace Coordinator, Tamarah Gal Henderson, tells us more about what these great students will be showcasing at our annual Celebration of the DIY Inventive Spirit, for all ages!


Our fifth graders did an entrepreneur unit and created “whiteboard necklaces” they are hoping to sell at MakerCon. We thoroughly enjoyed attending in the educators section last year, but wanted to give our kids the market experience this year.  Here’s what they did:BPA 2

Each student brainstormed, sketched plans and roughly estimated costs and potential selling price of a product. Each small group then decided on one product to prototype, and created a prototype and a marketing pitch. One product was chosen to “mass produce”and take to market. Any “profits” will be donated to a charity decided on by the class.

The product is a small whiteboard necklace with a pen/eraser. Our students find it handy for quick notes and sketches. The teachers thought it would be great for those “senior moments” when you walk from one room to another and forget why you came. We’re excited for them to market and sell at MakerCon. They’ll have the experience of talking to people, negotiating prices and determining if there is any profit to be made.


And Gulf Coast MakerCon guests will have the experience of checking out their great product.  Look for Berkeley Prep student entrepreneurs in our Makers Market area and support these great young Business Leaders of Tomorrow!

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