Meet the Young Makers of Benito Library and Makerspace – BLAM!

BLAM 2We’re happy to have the Young Makers of Benito Library and Makerspace – BLAM! – joining us again at Gulf Coast MakerCon April 9.  Now in their 2nd year, the Benito Library Makerspace program is big and active, averaging 40-60 students  at meetings throughout the year.

Benito Middle School librarian, Sundi Pierce, shared a bit about what this innovative group of young change agents is bringing to Gulf Coast MakerCon this year.

GCMC: What do the students of BLAM make?

SP:  Our students get to choose their projects at MakerSpace. They usually work in groupsBLAM 3 to come up with an idea and share the responsibility of getting their items together and getting their projects completed. This year, we have had students work on projects such as videogames, potato cannons, a 3D printed replication of Disney World, an underwater robot and clay figurines of the Star Wars characters to exhibit at the Gulf Coast MakerCon.

GCMC: Why do you think it’s important?

SP:  We want our students to learn to be makers and take hold of their learning and their future. Not being assigned a topic, these students are choosing for themselves what to learn and we are very proud of them.

GCMC: Why might folks be interested?

BLAM 1SP: Seeing students interested in learning and making helps people to see that kids today are interested in making the future a better place and in enhancing their learning. Our students are excited about making and it shows.

GCMC: What do you like best about what you do?

SP: I like seeing the kids get excited and motivated to work on their projects. When they choose something that really excites them, they don’t give up when things go wrong. That is awesome!

GCMC: Why do you think Makercon important?

SP: Giving the kids a chance to showcase their hard work and ingenuity is awesome. They are proud of their work and enjoy seeing what other people make also.

GCMC: What will folks be able to do at the BLAM booth?

SP: We are working on a hands-on activity for people to be able to do at our booth. People will be able to interact with our students to talk about our MakerSpace and their individual projects.

Come out to Gulf Coast MakerCon to see the next generation of Makers from Benito Middle School, Making the Future!

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