Meet the Idea Makers: Hackerboxes

c07425fc-06bb-4fd6-bf2d-11f44666f8d0Ever felt like tinkering but needed some inspiration? Always wanted to learn a bit more about electronics and computer science, but didn’t know where to start?  Sarasota Maker and Entrepreneur, Joseph Long has just the thing for you: Hackerboxes!

HackerBoxes is a subscription based,  monthly “Surprise!” box, designed to make each box, and the projects you can make with it, as fun and educational as possible.  3207936b-867e-40c0-89dd-754ed4f5df69

The goal of the service is to provide a fun, educational way to explore and learn electronics and computer technology. From teens to experts, HackerBox subscribers are electronics hobbyists, makers, hackers, and computer enthusiasts.

91e54cd9-612e-4bc6-afe4-b5ccafdec8eeEach month, subscribers receive a  box packed with projects,components, tools, toys, and other tech gear. HackerBox Hackers connect through social media to create a community of experience, support, and new ideas.

Come check out HackerBoxes at Gulf Coast MakerCon April 9, and Get Inspired!


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