Meet the Resource Maker:

MakerspacesSome of our Makers make things: art, gadgets, crafts, mechanical devices, crafts, inventions – and others Make opportunities and resources available, like this year’s exhibitor,  Chances are, if you’re online and active in the Maker community, you’ve come across postings and tweets from .  Turns out, it’s a homegrown resource, based right here in Tampa Bay.

Andrew Miller, who heads up the site, share a bit with us about why he created it, and what he’s bringing to Gulf Coast MakerCon 2016 on Saturday.

________________________ is website devoted to helping schools and libraries start and run educational makerspaces.

7dad0b56-ef9a-4fb8-9e1f-cfc7da2b944dWe provide free tools and resources for implementing a maker education program at your facility. With a focus on STEM education, we provide makerspace project ideas that can be easily replicated in schools and libraries. The best part of what we do is seeing how much enjoyment and learning comes from newly established makerspaces that we helped to consult on.

Learning doesn’t always come from reading a book and doing worksheets. Hands-on learning coupled with project based lessons is a powerful way for students to learn difficult concepts. Educational makerspaces are not only a great way to learn but are also helpful way for people to discover new hobbies and/or career paths.

0a6fa962-166d-41d1-b1b6-d25dd8bc0022At MakerCon, we will be showing and demonstrating some of the great makerspace materials that are available, in addition to giving free advice on how to start a makerspace.


Come meet Andrew and learn more about and all the great things you can learn, do and create, including how to make a Makerspace!

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