Meet the Future Makers: SeedRegion1

KyleWe’ve got several great networking and resource organizations joining us this year, all evidence of the growing community of Makers spanning both sides of our Bays, from Tampa to Sarasota.  SeedRegion1 is one of them.

Kyle Nurminen, founder of SeedRegion1, is Account Manager for Crowther Roofing and Sheet Metal, a community oriented company based in Sarasota.  He became aware of the Maker community through his involvement in BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton.

He saw an immediate connection between the interests and skill sets of local makers and the skilled trades vital to his company’s future, and the economic development of the whole area.

“All we need to do is organize this space from an unbiased perspective on a neutral platform, ” says Kyle. ” In doing so, we will demonstrate the Power of Strategic Doing and how other regions can drive their own economic development by bridging the gaps d5724d5c-4021-4775-9426-85d842cc9b19between local and county sectors and focusing strictly on the resources already in place to build their own communities from within.”

From that idea, Seed Region 1 was born, and Kyle and a team of volunteers set to developing a map a map of the local Maker ecoystem that includes:

  1. Mapping Makerspaces throughout the Tampa Bay Region with an eye to identifying a talent pool for companies like Crowther, technical schools, colleges and other institutions.
  2. Mapping cowork spaces, business incubators and accelerators and schools and companies that support advanced prototype design.

“We will essentially create a new model for Economic Development that will focus on identifying and growing the seeds we already have in place rather than bringing them from elsewhere,” explained Kyle.  “This model will be duplicable so the rest of the nation can also benefit from our example. However, the Tampa Bay Region will always be the first Seed Region, and it shall forever retain the title of SeedRegion1!”

You can meet Kyle and learn more about SeedRegion1 and how to become involved, at Booth 35, at Gulf Coast MakerCon this Saturday, April 9.

Like Kyle says, “Keep Making. Keep Doing. Keep making a Difference with what you are doing!”  See you at MakerCon!



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