Meet the Maker: Wayne Rasanen, Inventor of DecaTxt


wayne-and-decatxtMy name is Wayne and I discovered a new way to help humanize technology. It starts by applying all standard keyboard keystrokes directly onto ten fingertips and using that design in a wide variety of creative ways. The alphabet is a single press for the first ten letters, a thumb shift for the next eight and the other thumb shift for the last eight. After years in development, the first commercial device using this technology is now available on Amazon called DecaTxt.

DecaTxt is a ten key, one-handed, Bluetooth keyboard that connects to the latest devices decatxtusing iOS, Android, Linux, Mac & PC to provide a way to type, text, scroll, add numbers, change pages, adjust volume and control a computer while engaged in virtual or augmented reality. It is designed to be operated with either hand and without looking. Run a PowerPoint presentation, count inventory, write email or surf the web, even lying in bed or with your hand in your pocket. DecaTxt is the size of a deck of cards and has ten buttons that can be pressed in any combination with one hand.

It’s called a “Chord” keyboard because like a musical chord, it requires more than one finger be used. DecaTxt is designed with two keys in five rows, four rows on the face for your fore fingers and one row on top for your thumb. Letters are a single press or a thumb key shift (10 + 8 + 8 = 26 letters). Press both thumb keys adds “shift” for initial capitalization. In number lock, each key is a single press for numbers. Every keystroke from a typical US keyboard is provided including cursor keys, F keys and all symbol keys.
DecaTxt provides a simple way to text while you keep your eyes on more important things for added safety.

However, DecaTxt is also a powerful tool for assistive technology. Low vision users have real buttons to press rather than struggle with touch-screens for input and stroke victims or those with limb loss will have a simple way to touch type with one hand. Those with carpel tunnel syndrome may find some relief by typing in a new way with their hand by their side. Folks stuck in bed can text without having to hold up a touch screen and poking at it. Some just want to get away from the desktop and type or write code from the couch or recliner. DecaTxt can also help you keep your eyes on the road, but texting and driving is still dangerous and illegal in most communities… unless you are flying a plane.
DecaTxt provides everything you expect from a Bluetooth keyboard and includes subtle vibrations to alert you when you change modes like cap lock or number lock.

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