Meet the Maker: FreeDimension

FreeDimension LLC is a 3D printing and design service company that will be showcasing some of their cool work at Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con on March 24.  Fri Reider, the mind behind FreeDimension shares a bit more about the company with us.

GCMCC:  What do you make?

FD: We make prototypes, product design and 3d prints, signs and more, from mechanical  engineering to artistic creations.

GCMCC: Why do you make it?

FD: We love technology and creativity and 3d printing and 3d design brings both of these together

GCMCC: What inspires you?

FD: Everyday situations, things that need improvement, new technologies.

GCMCC:  What are you bringing to showcase?

FD: We will be displaying parts we made and are working on and some of the machines we built. We will have also have a 3d printer on set.

GCMCC:  Why do you believe Gulf

 Coast Maker & Comic Con is important?

FD: It ‘s a great opportunity to show parts and things we make and meet fellow makers, talk tech and more.

Check out the cool work FreeDimension is doing at  Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con March 24!General admission tickets are FREE! And there are a variety of options for exhibitors. Click the image below to save your spot today!

Get your tickets or reserve your booth today!

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