Meet the Maker: Gypsy’s Weavings

Gypsy’s Weavings has been a devoted participant in both Gulf Coast MakerCon & Pinellas Comic and Maker Con since the beginning, so we’re happy to welcome her back to our combined Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con event on March 24, at St. Petersburg College Seminole Campus.  Check out her story below!

GCMCC:   What do you make?

GW: I make chainmaile and scalemaile armour and jewelry. I use classic historical patterns, some of which can be traced back to before the Roman Empire, and use them with modern metals. While most of my stuff is decorative I also make replica armour and have entered it into competitions.

GCMCC:  Why do you make it?

GW: I got into making this because of growing up in the renaissance festivals in Florida and even up into Georgia. We needed someone who could do repairs quickly during shows. Now I make it for fun as well. It’s important to keep skills alive so we don’t lose our history.

GCMCC:  What inspires you?

GW: Anything from a show to a museum piece has served as a project idea. Sometimes I find an element and I want to use (such as special scales used by NASA to protect the Mars Rover) other times it’s the challenge. Such as a coif I’m working on using riveted links where I had to learn a new skills set.

GCMCC:  What are you bringing to showcase?

GW: I do sell my chainmaile and scalemaile creations but I also work on stuff while at events. If you have ever wondered how armour was made come on by and ask. I’ll do my best to answer questions.

GCMCC: Why do you believe Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con is important?

GW: I’m a huge supporter of the Maker Faire movement. I feel the sharing of knowledge is something that should be prized and done more often.

We couldn’t agree more! To see Gypsy’s Weavings and our other fine crafters in our Makers Market, get your FREE tickets today!  If you want to share what you make, you can also reserve your maker booth at the our Eventbrite site.

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