Meet the Maker: Eerie Florida

We all know about Florida Man, of course, and Carl Haissen , Tim Dorsey and Dave Barry do an excellent job parodying Florida’s unique legacy of weirdness.  But here in Tampa Bay, we’ve got Eerie Florida, sharing “Chilling Tales from the Panhandle to the Keys,” and bringing the perfect complement of campiness to Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con on March 24.

and  share a bit more about their work uncovering the history behind the state’s creepiest stories and unusual locations.

Most know Florida as the land of endless sunny beaches, but the state is home to numerous eerie legends and mysterious creatures. The Everglades is home to the elusive Skunk Ape, a strange bipedal creature recognized by its odor. An uncanny doll reputed to have a life of its own greets visitors in a Florida Keys museum. An ancient monster is reported to roam the rivers in the northeast corners of the state, and in South Florida, a man built “America’s Stonehenge” via mysterious means.

Our booth will have copies of the book as well as Mark Muncy’s previous book “Tales of Terror of Tampa Bay” and art prints from Kari Schultz.
We’ve been participating in the con since we were Hellview Cemetery, a local charity haunted house in St. Petersburg.

We helped get Scott Swenson and Howl-O-Scream to come and show their support to previous cons. We love small, family friendly conventions so much, and MakerCon is our home. Can’t wait to bring our new “best selling” book there.

Meet Mark and Kari and check out their great work at Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con at the St. Petersburg College-Seminole Campus on March 24!

Get your tickets or reserve your booth today!


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