Meet the Maker: Psychedelic Snowflake

We’ve got a big variety of Makers on hand this year, selling everything from pottery to textiles and art.  Psychedelic Snowflake brings the art and craft of fandom to Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con. Renee Lewis tells us more about her work.

GCMCC: What do you make?

RL: I make a variety of fandom goodies including bracelets, rings, essential oil perfume, luggage tags, keychains and vegan lip balm. I’m known for my gift bows and Today I Feel magnet boards.

GCMCC: Why do you make it ?  

RL: I love fandoms just as much as others, and I enjoy making items that make people happy. Let’s face it – life is hard – so if we can find enjoyment in celebrating one of our favorite actors/shows/movies, then I’m all for it!

GCMCC: What inspires you? 

RL: Reactions that I get from my customers! I do a lot of custom work, using personal photos of theirs, so seeing them have something truly unique that they can’t get anywhere else is rewarding and inspiring.

GCMCC: Why do you believe Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con is important? 

RL: It’s important because cons are unique gatherings in the sense that they bring people together who otherwise would probably never meet. Also, these people – usually introverts in their normal day to day activities – transform into extroverts for the day, posing with complete strangers when their cosplays are from the same show and engaging in spirited conversations about their chosen fandom.

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