Meet the Makers: Freak Show Follies

The Freak Show Follies come to Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con 2018!  Stacy Salmon, the mind behind the art, tells us more.

GCMCC: What do you make?

FSF: Freak Show Follies is unusual jewelry and home décor for unusual people. As an artist, I repurpose ethically obtained animal bones, skulls, preserved remains from animals and marine life, as well as insect specimens, to create wearable art jewelry and displayable art for the home. I’ve been in business since 2012 and also participate in many local shows and conventions.

GCMCC: Why do you make it?

FSF: I’ve always been fascinated with science and the biology of animals and insects. As someone who comes from a long line of artists my the family, it was only natural for me to dive into an artistic expression that would reflect that love for science. I breathe new life into what would otherwise be discarded and give it a new purpose. Whatever the specimen is, it gets a new life as a piece of jewelry or as a displayable piece of art for the home.

GCMCC: What inspires you?

FSF: I’m inspired by the beauty of what’s on the inside of just about everything that once lived and breathed. I love giving people the opportunity to find the beauty in that too through their own love for art!

GCMCC: What are you bringing to showcase?

FSF: I’ll be offering a wide variety of jewelry pieces, shrines and shadow boxes that feature repurposed specimens.

GCMCC: Why do you believe Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con is important?

FSF: Gulf Coast Maker &Comic Con is important because it gives people of all ages the opportunity to enjoy so many areas of interest for FREE! I had the pleasure of participating in this a couple years ago. It was refreshing to see so many age groups gathered in one place with a common interest. It’s fun for the whole family!

You can follow Freak Show Follies on Facebook & Instagram , and of course see and buy their great work in person on March 24 at Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con 2018!

Get your tickets or reserve your booth today!

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