Can you flatlock on a sewing machine?

What machine does a flatlock stitch?

Flatlocking is a type of seam you do on a serger or overlocker machine, and it creates a seam that is flat on both sides, can stretch, and adds a decorative element to the garment since both sides show the thread.

Is coverstitch same as flatlock?

A flatlock is different in several respects. Unlike an overlock, there are no layers to the underside, the seam is butted together (usually, exceptions). … The seam of the overlock/coverstitch as compared to flatlock is thicker because it has layers of fabric.

Are flatlock seams strong?

Strength in Numbers

Just like our overlock stitch, the number of threads correlates to the strength of the seam which means our three-thread flatlock is going to be stronger than its two-thread counterpart.

What is Flatlock construction?

Flatlock seams are made by placing two pieces of fabric side-by-side and sewing the raw edges directly together – therefore there is almost no bulk.

What does a cover stitch machine do?

Coverstitch machines are primarily used to create professional-looking hems to garments. It has the dual function of covering raw edges of a fabric and also retaining fabric stretchability.

How much is a coverstitch machine?

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How do you fake a flatlock?


  1. Place the fabric edges up close to the overlocker presser foot, so that thread loops hang off the edge of fabric and are left of the stitch-width gauge. Right sides together for a “dashed line stitch” and wrong sides together for the “faux flatlocked look.”
  2. Gently pull open.
  3. Press stitches to set the seam.

What does flatlock mean?

Definition of flatlock

of a seam. : made by bringing two raw edges together and covering them with machine stitching.

What is Flatlock wetsuit?

Flatlock. In this kind of seams, the edge of one panel has been laid over the other and the stitching goes through both panels, creating a flexible and durable seam. The downside of this method is that it results in a lot of holes going through the neoprene, which can let water in.