Quick Answer: How do you crochet a ball pattern?

How do you crochet different sized balls?

The following guideline let you crochet balls and spheres of any size:

  1. Crochet a circle with single crochet stitches with 6 increases per round until you have reached the desired size that your ball approximately should have.
  2. Then crochet as many rounds as you needed for the circle plus 1 more round.

How do you crochet a big ball for beginners?


  1. Start the Ball With a Magic Ring. …
  2. Section One: Increase the Stitches in Each Round. …
  3. Section Two: Work Even Rounds of Single Crochet. …
  4. Section Three: Decrease the Stitches in Each Round. …
  5. Fill the Ball With Stuffing or Other Filler. …
  6. Close the Ball by Gathering the Last Stitches. …
  7. Secure the Yarn and Weave the Ends.

How do you make a small ball with yarn?

Pinch the yarn stack between finger and thumb, keeping the starting end draped over your thumb. You want to make sure as you wind the ball that this end remains free and accessible! Start to wrap the yarn around this bunch in a circular motion to form a ball. Keep your thumb pinched into the middle as you wrap.

How do you end a crochet ball?

Fasten off with a tail that is long enough to go through each stitch, and some excess to be able to sew the end inside of the ball. Using a BENT YARN NEEDLE, sew the hole closed by going through the FRONT LOOP ONLY of each of the 6 sts (or however many stitches you have in the last row). Pull tight to close the hole.

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What does SC mean in crochet?

(crochet) How To – Single Crochet (sc) – Absolute Beginners – YouTube.