What does TWR mean in knitting?

TWR = slip next st onto cable needle and leave at back of work, K1, then P1 from cable needle.

What is RT and LT in knitting?

Today’s tutorial is on the Left Twist (LT) & Right Twist (RT) Stitches. These are great stitches that provides a faux cable look without the cable needles!

What is t3 in knitting?

Twist 3 (TW3) – Knit Purl Hunter.

What does T4R mean in knitting?

T4R: Twist 4 Right.

What is C4B and C4F in knitting?

Four-stitch front and back cables are knit cables small enough to be used as an allover pattern without overwhelming the knitted piece. Four-stitch front (or C4F) looks like it’s twisting to the left, while four-stitch back cables (C4B) twist to the right.

What does c12b mean in knitting?

c12b. Cable 12 back. Slip 6 onto cable needle and hold behind, k6 from left-hand needle, k6 from cable needle. Abbreviation. Description.

What does RT2 mean in knitting?

RT2 (Right Twist): Knit 2 stitches together, leaving them on the left hand needle, then knit the first stitch again slipping both stitches to the right hand needle.

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