Electrathon Racing at Gulf Coast MakerCon

IMG_50362016 marked the 2nd year in a row, we’re grateful to host an Electrathon of Tampa Bay race at Gulf Coast MakerCon.

electrathon of tampa bay

Electrathon of Tampa Bay

Electrathon racers are custom built three or four wheeled electric vehicles, similar in overall appearance to a Go-Kart, but powered by an electric motor and batteries. Electrathon class vehicles are defined and constrained by length and width (12 feet long and 4 feet wide maximum) and by battery weight and chemistry (73 lbs, sealed lead acid).  The race goal is to determine which car can travel the furthest distance in one hour’s time within the limitations of battery weight and other factors.

At Gulf Coast MakerCon, a dozen Electrathon racing teams from around Tampa BayETO Race at MakerCon and Florida, raced on 1710 ft. long track in front of the Special Events Center.

Learn more about Electrathon of Tampa Bay at  electrathonoftampabay.org