How do you take apart a Janome Sewing Machine?

Why is my Janome sewing machine not sewing?

Skipped stitches may be caused if the needle is dull, damaged, inserted incorrectly or if it is the incorrect type or shape of needle for your machine is used. Are you using the correct needle for the fabric you’re sewing with? The machine might need cleaning around the feed dog. Re-thread the top and the bobbin.

What should the tension be on a Janome sewing machine?

The standard tension is 4. Janome recommends a range of 2 – 6 for straight stitches.

Why is my sewing machine not sewing properly?

First, check that your needle is installed correctly, not bent or otherwise damaged, and that you’re using the right type of needle for your project. If the top thread is not reaching the bobbin, the threads will not lock properly, resulting in a skipped stitch.

What model is my Janome?

You will usually find the information located on the back of your machine. Your machine’s serial number is a unique 9-digit number and is a very important part of the warranty process with any Janome product. It will help us identify the machine and what model it could be.

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