Quick Answer: How do I make a pom pom out of yarn for a hat?

How do you make a pom pom template?


  1. Cut out the template size for the pom pom you wish to use, trace the shape onto cardboard and cut it out. …
  2. Wrap yarn around the side of the template that has a gap in the middle until you have a plump lump of it.
  3. While the yarn is wrapped around your pom pom maker tie it tightly in the middle.

How do you make smooth pom poms?

To make a pom pom, place the wool between the two cardboard tubes to secure before wrapping it around the tubes. For smaller pom poms, use pencils or a fork instead. If you’re using thick wool, you only need to wrap the wool around the tubes about five times. The more wool you add the denser the pom pom will be.

What kind of yarn do you use to make pom poms?

Acrylic yarn is the best type of yarn for pom poms. It’s cheap. Most craft stores carry acrylic yarn, and it is one of the most affordable types of yarn out there because it’s synthetic. If you are making pom poms for a large-scale project like a wreath or rug, the yarn can get expensive in a hurry!

How do you make soft pom poms?

How to fluff pom poms:

  1. Make your pom pom using your favourite tool or method. …
  2. Trim your pom pom so it’s nice and round, now it’s ready for fluffing. …
  3. Use the cat grooming brush to tease out the yarn fibres. …
  4. Trim any stray pieces of yarn and you’re done!
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What is the bobble for on a hat?

The bobble on a bobble hat.

It’s original function was to protect sailors’ heads from getting bashed when they bent down under things.