What common stitch is represented by SC?

What stitch is SC?

The single crochet stitch, abbreviated SC, is one of the 6 basic crochet stitches. It’s a beginner-friendly stitch that’s easy to learn and fun to crochet.

What does SC mean on yarn?

Single crochet is the most common basic crochet stitch that will result in fabric. It is abbreviated sc.

What is SC crochet?

Single crochet is the shortest and most basic of all stitches. Remember, you will never work in the first chain from the crochet hook, unless the pattern you are working specifically directs you to do so.

What does 6 SC mean in crochet?

For this round, you make 6 single crochet, “6 sc”, stitches total, and they are all made into the magic ring you just made in Line 2. The number in brackets at the end of the round, and at the end of every round, indicates the number of stitches you should have once you have completed that round.

What is sl st crochet?

sl st = slip stitch

It is also used to travel to another part of a row without producing any visible stitches (such as indenting an armhole on a sweater). To work a slip stitch into a chain stitch, first make a foundation chain of desired length, insert hook in last chain of foundation chain.

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What does 2 sc in each st around mean?

Translation: Work two single crochets in each single crochet around. Since you are crocheting two stitches in each stitch around, you are doubling the stitch count (from 6 to 12) so that your circle expands outwards.

What does DC in the same st mean?

‘Double crochet (dc)’ is the same stitch as the American ‘single crochet (sc)’. … This stitch is used in the Brie Triangle Cushion Crochet Kit and the José Fringe Basket Crochet Kit.