Can you take knitting needles on a plane KLM?

KLM – knitting needles are not allowed (see here).

Is it OK to bring knitting needles on a plane?

You can pack knitting needles in both your carry-on or checked baggage.

Can you take knitting needles in hand luggage?

Yes, you can take knitting needles or crochet hooks with you both in your hand baggage and hold luggage.

What is allowed in hand luggage KLM?

KLM hand luggage allowance

If you’re flying Economy Class with KLM, you can take one item of hand luggage and one accessory. Your hand luggage bag can be up to 55cm x 35cm x 25 cm in dimension, while your accessory – which could be a handbag or laptop bag for example, can be up to 40cm x 30cm x 15 cm.

Can I fly with knitting needles Europe?

Countries that officially state (in the flight regulations) that knitting needles are allowed. These include the US, the UK and Australia. Countries that explicitly prohibit knitting needles on flights. (Greece and other countries in the EU fall into this category.)

Can you take knitting needles on a plane 2021?

The answer is, yes. You can take your Crochet Hooks and Knitting Needles only if you have checked-in bags. So, make sure not to carry them in carry-on luggage.

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Can I take knitting needles on international flights?

Yes. Knitting needles, accompanied by yarn, are not subject to any security restrictions and are permitted in your carry-on luggage.

Are knitting needles allowed on Air Canada flights?

Knitting needles and crochet hooks of any size and made from any type of material (e.g. plastic, aluminum, bamboo) are permitted in carry-on or checked baggage.