What does 1sc INC mean in crochet?

The “inc, 1 sc” within the brackets means you will make an increase (so 2 single crochet stitches) in the next stitch, followed by 1 single crochet stitch in the stitch after that.

What does Inc stand for in crochet?

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Abbreviation Description
hdc2tog half double crochet 2 stitches together
inc increase
lp loop
m marker

What does dc2 INC mean in crochet?

Step 2 – make an increase stitch – also known as double crochet two stitches into the next stitch (dc2 in the next st) The asterisks indicate that these steps need to be repeated and, in this row, 4 times (making it eight steps in total).

What does Inc in next stitch mean?

Increasing Stitches

The second is to work into the front and back of a stitch (inc 1 or inc in next st). This method is normally used at the beginning and end of a row, for instance on sleeve shapings.

What does STS mean in crochet pattern?

st/sts = stitch/stitches.

What is dc3 in crochet?

The Double Crochet Three Together Decrease (dc3tog)

This video crochet tutorial will help you learn how to crochet the double crochet three together decrease. This decrease is used in some decorative stitches and shaping. The double crochet three together is a double decrease so it decreases two stitches.

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What is the difference between single crochet and slip stitch?

So, if a vintage Weldon’s pattern tells you to double crochet (dc) across the next row, they are really referring to what modern American patterns would call a single crochet (sc). An English single crochet (sc) would translate as a slip stitch (sl st) in American patterns.

What does SC Inc x6 mean in crochet?

You’re placing a single crochet in the first stitch. (Sc) In the second stitch, you’ll place 2 single crochet stitches. (Inc) Then you’ll repeat what you did in the first and second stitches for a total of 6 more times.

What is SC Inc?

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