What does a quilt painted on a barn mean?

Barn quilts began as a way to honor a loved one with a gorgeous piece of folk art. While barn quilts have been around for many years, there’s been a spike in popularity in the last two decades.

What do barn quilts symbolize?

A wide variety of people have created them, including quilt guilds, schools, churches, and 4-H clubs. Hex signs began as symbols to ward off evil. Barn quilts began as an art form derived from that ancient practice with the symbolism, “chust for pretty.”

What do the paintings on barns mean?

The concept of a Barn Quilt began with Donna Sue Groves and her wish to honor her mother, Maxine, and her Appalachian heritage by having a painted quilt hung on her barn in Adams County, Ohio. Donna Sue continued to share this idea with friends and the idea morphed from full quilts to quilt blocks.

What are the painted signs on barns?

Originally, the Pennsylvania Dutch painted barn stars directly onto the siding of their barns. Gradually, this changed to the practice of painting the six-pointed stars onto large wooden discs and then mounting them onto barns. These wooden signs became known as hex signs.

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How do you choose a barn quilt color?

Choose Colours

  1. Choose bold, vibrant primary colours. Muted earth colours disappear on the side of the barn.
  2. Limit the number of colours per barn quilt block. …
  3. Avoid natural autumn colors (grey, beige, muted tones).
  4. Sometimes geometric shapes need to be outlined with a black band.

Why do barns have quilt squares on them?

History of the Quilt Trail. The concept of barn quilts began with Donna Sue Groves and her wish to honor her mother, Maxine, and her Appalachian heritage by having a painted quilt hung on her barn in Adams County, Ohio. As is often the case, good ideas fall by the wayside when work and other obligations intervene.

Why are there quilts on barns in Kentucky?

The Quilt Trail project began in Adams County, Ohio, when Donna Sue Groves, a field representative for the Ohio Arts Council, decided that she wanted a quilt square painted on her barn to honor her mother, a lifelong quilter. Donna Sue shared her idea with friends in the community, who offered their help.

Where did quilting originate from?

Quilting originated in Sweden in the fifteenth century with heavily stitched and appliquéd quilts made for the very wealthy. These quilts, created from silk, wool, and felt, were intended to be both decorative and functional and were found in churches and in the homes of nobility.

How do you paint a barn quilt pattern?


  1. Find a quilt pattern that you’d enjoy painting for your home. …
  2. Paint the entire board the predominant color that it will be. …
  3. Next draw the quilt pattern onto your board. …
  4. Mark each of the marked areas with the color that it will be painted. …
  5. Time to start painting. …
  6. Edge and hang the quilt (optional).
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Where is the barn quilt Capital of the World?

Sac City, Iowa: Barn Quilt Capital of the World.

What are the paintings on barns called?

Barn Quilts are simple geometric shapes (quilt blocks from quilting patterns) that are painted on wood and hung on buildings. Although most are traditionally displayed on barns, they can be and are hung on various buildings including homes, cabins, yard barns and even stores.

What kind of paint do you use on barn quilts?

Paint – Outdoor house paint works really well for barn quilts. It’s meant to be outdoors and should hold up to the sun, rain, wind and snow. It’s also thick enough to fill in any gaps in the plywood.

What do you seal a barn quilt with?

What Do You Use to Seal a Barn Quilt? The sealer depends on the type of paint you use. For example, I use “weatherproof” acrylic paint. Now it may say “weatherproof,” but I also recommend using polyacrylic or water-based polyurethane just to be safe.