What was the ending of Mosaic about?

After a winding search down several paths, a now-sober Joel Hurley (Garrett Hedlund) ends up confessing, convinced that the pieces of the puzzle he is being fed add up to him being the murderer. But since he has no memory of the time, due to blackouts from alcohol, can his own mind be trusted?

Who is the killer in Mosaic?

The Mosaic app on the other hand, portrays the entire crime in tense, bloody detail as it’s committed by the real murderer: Michael O’Connor (James Ransone).

Is Mosaic based on a true story?

While Mosaic (art direction by Michelle C. Harmon) isn’t based entirely on one specific case, the show premieres just a year after the high-profile investigation into the murder of children’s author Helen Bailey.

Will Mosaic have a Season 2?

The first season of Mosaic averaged a 0.04 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 197,000 viewers. Learn how Mosaic stacks up against the other HBO TV shows. Mosaic has ended so there won’t be a second season.

Who killed Olivia Lake?

That chapter follows Michael O’Connor (James Ransone) as he visits and kills Olivia after a dispute over his attempt to buy her land from her.

What is the Red Room in Mosaic?

At Petra’s request, Tom shows her the ‘red room’ – Michael’s private art gallery, a gesture that remains inexplicable until the conclusion of the episode. From here we follow Petra slowly crack the case whilst elsewhere Joel is unravelling in the same time space as last week’s episode.

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Who is Michael in Mosaic?

Michael O’Connor played by James Ransone on Mosaic | HBO.

Is the Mosaic app still available?

It was released in two forms: as an iOS/Android mobile app and as a 2018 television drama.

Mosaic (murder mystery)

Developer PodOp, Inc.
Writer Ed Solomon
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Release iOS November 8, 2017 Android November 21, 2017 Website January 18, 2018 HBO January 22, 2018
Genre(s) Interactive movie, murder mystery

Where was Mosaic filmed?

The series was filmed on location in Park City and Salt Lake City, with additional scenes shot in New Orleans. Based on its incurred expenditure, the production was able to receive a USD2. 6 million tax credit from the state of Utah.

Where does Mosaic take place?

A twisting tale of passion, intrigue and deception, conceived and directed by Steven Soderbergh. Mosaic focuses on the disappearance of a high-profile resident of picturesque Summit, Utah and the four-year effort by law-enforcement and civilians to discover the truth behind the crime.