Why do tailors ask which side do you dress?

‘Which way do you dress’ is a polite way of asking ‘on which side of your pants is your member hanging’ so that we don’t get too personal when working in that region.

What does dressing to the right mean?

(This man) dresses to the right: (This man) wears trousers which have more space for his genitals on the right hand side.

What does it mean to dress on one side?

It’s a term used by tailors when fitting suit pants. To “dress left” means that one keeps one’s male appendage shifted in the general direction of the left trouser leg. Likewise for the right. According to medical researchers, most men should dress left.

Which side do you dress first?

When helping a patient dress it is important to remove the clothing from the strong side of their body first. You then will dress the weak side of their body and then dress the strong side.

What does it mean to hang to the left?

Slang. to turn to the left (or right), as in driving a car.

Do you dress the unaffected side first?

Generally, use your unaffected arm to dress the affected side first. To undress, take the garment off the unaffected side, then remove it from the affected side.

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When assisting your client to dress if he she has a weak or affected side it is best to?

Tips: Place the sleeve of the shirt as high as possible on the person’s shoulder of the affected arm to facilitate dressing or undressing. Make use of simple dressing aids such as dressing stick, long handled shoe horn and easi-reacher if available.