Southeast Combat Robotics

NRW-logo-rgbGulf Coast MakerCon is a recognized National Robotics Week event.  A major part of our GCMC Robotics Extravaganza, wrobotshich includes FIRST Youth robotics and commercial and hobby robotics exhibits, in the Southeast Combot Championship. 

Southeast Combot Championship

Southeast Combot Robotics

Southeast Combat Robotics

Similar to Ultimate Fighting, Combat Robotics pits Gruffrobotic opponents against one another in a one on one match until one is incapacitated, or if the bout goes the full time, judges decide a winner based on damage, aggression, and control of the fight.


Southeast Combot Championship competitors at Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015

Combat Robots, or ‘Combots’, range in size from 150g (smaller than a cell phone) all the way up to 220lb. And while some are exquisitely designed pieces of engineering, others are built from scrap metal and parts of old wheelchairs and power-tools.

This competition is open to all college, high school, and recreational builders and spectators. All 15lb weight classes will be combined. The arena will be 7 square with a steel floor. The competition format will be Double Elimination for classes with 6 or more entrants and Round Robin for classes with 5 or fewer entrants. All weight classes will use a modified version of the SPARC Ruleset . Weigh in and registration will start at 9:00am, and matches will start at 11am at the MakerCon event arena.